The application of innovations
in the analysis of organisms


Our life is a permanent change of energy. The body uses energy for heat thinking, feeling, movement, combating diseases, the production of new cells etc. Thus for all, what we call a simple word – LIFE.

The human body is a large amount of cells, which grows, divides, develops, distinguishes, regenerates and dies. During division phase cells constantly renew. 25 million cells splits per 1 second in adult body and blood cells renew at the speed of 100 million per minute. While the cells split and develop their charged nuclei are composed of main cell constituent parts – atoms. Electrons outside of nuclei are constantly moving at high speed and changing places, thus they are continuously emitting the electromagnetic waves.

The signals of alecromagnetic waves emitted by human body reflects its specific state. These signals are variable, depending on the human health and well-being, or ailments. After identifying the signals of electromagnetic waves, the condition of human body can be evaluated.

Quantum medicine states that the fundamental cause of illness are the changes in electron rotation around the nucleus, what causes changes of atoms, small and large biomolecules, cells and ultimately all organs. The electron is a charged particle, therefore when its movement and rotation in orbit changes, electromagnetic waveswhich they emit also changes. Electromagnetic wave signal of damaged cells is extremely weakened. These impulses are processed by a computer and compared with a standard spectrum of magnetic resonance, determined by the device settings. Quantum values are presented as a positive or negative result, which indicates the nature and strength of the ailment. Hippocrates believed that the structure, function, mind and spirit human body are indivisible, and diseases or ilnesesses occur when the integrity of human body is violated. This study provides the opportunity to obtain detailed information about function disorders or predisposition to them of organs and their systems at the cellular level.

The study is safe, does not require special preparation, is carried out with machine, which complies with European Union standards and has the European Union (CE) certificate. 

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